Hairstyles From The 70s Pictures


Hairstyles From The 70s Pictures, There was a decade change in the 1970s. Author Tom Wolfe, who was named “me generation” by the seventy-year young adults, found the value of self-reflection and self-empowerment. The cultural revolution against the 1960s led to hippie-inspired life, free flowing hair, psychedelic experiments in cultures outside the United States, and increased interest. As feminism gained momentum, female hair styles became a little more androgen with many of the popular looks of both men and women. The 1970s were a good time for a lot of things: maxi dresses, feminism, macro, fondue parties … and then there was hair.

Hairstyles From The 70s Pictures

Hairstyles From The 70s Pictures, If you’ve seen American Hustle, you know what we’re talking about. As in the previous sixties, it was a different decade for the hair styles in the Seventies. For ten years, new styles have been created. Experiment and hair was a direct expression from time to time too. Nostalgia was great in the ‘ 70s and it caused a strange appearance, especially from the 1920s to the 1950s. Looking back, this fashion, TV shows and movies and music can be seen. In the first half of the decade there was an Art Deco revival, taking a lead in the hair and makeup especially in the ’20s and ’30s.

Hairstyles From The 70s Picture

Hairstyles From The 70s Pictures, Twiggy and boy friend (1971) and the Great Gatsby (1974), Mia Farrow and evergreen Bob were set up at this time. Nostalgia was not always looking back. For example, Olivia Newton John’s last “Sandy” hairstyle at gredes, the massive mass of bubble curls, was more 1970s than a true style of the 50s, the period when the film was made. Women’s 1970s hair styles are long, soft and feminine, short, frustrated and androgenic. Here are some of the most popular styles that influenced the hair of the 1970s and have a look, and are worn by women for ten years.

Hairstyles Pictures

Hairstyles From The 70s Pictures, The women of the ‘ 70s were bound to something, but you don’t have to go completely retro to catch the styles of Stevie, Dolly and Donna. These nine styles put a very modern twist on the views of the disco-meets-boho-meets-glam period. In the 1960s, many hair models sprouted like bee hives and sharp Sasoon cut almost completely disappeared, while others turned into new styles such as flipping Bob and Mats. Afro and Pixies seem to have remained popular in the mid-decade, but the 1970s saw the share of new, innovative styles that would mark generations.


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