Hairstyles 1920’s Pictures


Hairstyles 1920’s Pictures, It was ten years ago defined by the social and cultural insurgency in the 1920s. The Roaring Twenties, from the bootleggers who kidnapped moonshine in the state lines to the women’s suffrage movement, who helped secure the right to vote, caused quite a stir. Another highlight of the 20s was the evolution of female hair patterns. Ladies said goodbye to the long Victorian locks and hosted a much shorter hairstyle. Make no mistake. In the 1920s, a woman who decided to cut her hair was a serious job. Simply put, long hair was considered feminine and short hair, it wasn’t.

Hairstyles 1920’s Pictures

Hairstyles 1920’s Pictures, F. Imagine Scott Fitzgerald’s short story from the 1920s, Bernice bobs.”Bernice, the concise predictable woman, is tricked into turning her hair into a Bob. Suddenly they are shunned by children while their parents are worried about the scandal that will make their new‘. Magazines like” Ladies Home Journal “asking printed stories, ” not bob or Bob?”Dancer Irene Castle was one of the first to decide Bob in 1915. Many famous people followed.

Hairstyles 1920’s Picture

Hairstyles 1920’s Pictures, Opera singer Mary Garden in 1927, ” I’m thinking of getting rid of our long hair, one of the many little prangas that women put aside in their transition to freedom.”Actress Mary Pickford, who did not bob her hair because her parents felt her fans and pressure, said,” I can give a woman a long, persuasive discourse about long hair becoming more feminine, and, I think, but there is some doubt in my mind whether or not it does exist. I’m sure of one thing.

Hairstyles Pictures

Hairstyles 1920’s Pictures, Bob seems smarter and smarter than beauty nowadays, but he seems to be the target of every woman.”Learn more about Castle, Garden and Pickford’s views. The mass appeal of this trend was not accepted by many halls, so the Berbers became go-to for the 1920s hairdressing. These brave women, equipped with a close cut scissors known as scissors, were in good hands. The elaborate and expensive jewels worn as Headpieces added a feminine touch.


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